Our Company

SD CHEMICALS (SDC) is one of market leader in supplying of Hair Dyes.
SDC provides a complete line of colorants for use in permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair color products under the VERACOL® trademark. SD-Chemicals is a dynamic company with proven experience in research & development and production of specialties for the hair care industry.

SDC range of hair care ingredients ensures the highest possible standards, giving a complete confidence in the quality, consistency and safety.

SDC has a technical staff well versed in the hair color formulations.
The SDC's laboratories can offer to own customers advices on products' formulations (new color developments), manufacturing processes and the latest regulations.
SDC’s chemists are available to help solve your specific requirements.Competence and professional skills, combined with high quality products and efficient and flexible services, make SD-Chemicals the ideal partner for your company.