GLUCARE® (Alkyl Polyglucoside surfactants or APG) are nononic surfactants, obtained from renewable, natural raw materials, such as vegetable oils and starch.
Their excellent biodegradability and skin compatibility profiles fit in well with consumer demands regarding at the mildness for skin, and safety for health for and the new marketing trend oriented to green solutions.

TradenameInci nameCAS no.EINECS no.
GLUCARE 2000Decyl Glucoside141464-42-8No longer polymer
GLUCARE 1200Lauryl Glucoside110615-47-9No longer polymer
GLUCARE 818Coco Glucoside141464-42-8No longer polymer
GLUCARE 810Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside68515-73-1No longer polymer


 Glucare 810Glucare 818Glucare 1200Glucare 2000
Chemical NameCaprylyl/Capryl GlucosideCoco GlucosideLauryl GlucosideDecyl Glucoside
ColourPale YellowPale YellowPale YellowPale Yellow
Carbon Chain DistributionC6-C10C8-C16C10-C16C8-C16
Active (%)≥ 50,0≥ 50,0≥ 50,0≥ 50,0
pH (10% sol. aq.)11,5-12,511,5-12,511,5-12,511,5-12,5