VERACOL® Basic Dyes

Typically cationic dyes used in temporary coloring are too large of a molecule to enter the hair shaft. The molecules stick onto the hair shaft as a result of the net negative charge on the hair surface coating the surface of the hair to produce an effect that it can be easily removed by one to three washes. However, if the hair has been chemically treated (e.g. permanent hair coloring) prior to the application of the temporary dye, the hair becomes more porous and allows the dye to penetrate into the hair shaft, resulting in the hair color to last longer. Due to their cationic nature, Basic Hair Dyes show excellent affinity for hair but are not readily compatible with -type anionic surfactants. Basic hair dyes are applied without peroxide and therefore cannot produce results lighter than the original hair color. Better color coverage can be obtained combining Basic Hair dyes with Direct Dyes.

TradenameInci nameCASEINECS
VERACOL BASIC BROWN 16Basic Brown 1626381-41-9 247-640-9
VERACOL BASIC BROWN 17Basic Brown 1768391-32-2269-944-0
VERACOL BASIC ORANGE 2Basic Orange 2532-82-1208-545-8
VERACOL BASIC RED 76Basic Red 7668391-30-0269-941-4
VERACOL BASIC RED 22Basic Red 2212221-52-2245-718-7
VERACOL BASIC RED 46Basic Red 4689959-98-8289-660-0
VERACOL BASIC VIOLET 3Basic Violet 3548-62-9208-953-6
VERACOL BASIC VIOLET 14Basic Violet 14632-99-5211-189-6
VERACOL BASIC YELLOW 57Basic Yellow 5768391-31-1269-943-5
VERACOL BASIC YELLOW 28Basic Yellow 2854060-92-3258-946-7
VERACOL BASIC BLUE 99Basic Blue 9968123-13-7268-544-3
VERACOL BASIC BLUE 7Basic Blue 72390-60-5219-232-0
VERACOL BASIC BLUE 9Basic Blue 961-73-4200-515-2
VERACOL BASIC BLUE 26Basic Blue 262580-56-5219-943-6