VERACOL® Direct Dyes

VERACOL® Direct colorants are usually applied without peroxide or ammonia. Their use is relatively simple because no chemical reaction is involved in the development of color and no mixing of separate developer is required. For this reason such kind of hair coloring cannot produce a lighter color than the hair's original shade but in the same time it does not cause any hair damage resulting from the use of these systems. Typically Veracol Direct Dyes can be used for 'tone on tone' applications, to enhance the hair's natural color, or to cover up to 30% grey. Alternatively, they can also be used in conjunction with VERACOL® Basic Dyes and VERACOL® Oxidative Dyes to produce brighter colors and greater durability and coverage. In general optimum conditions for use of VERACOL® Direct Dyes are weak alkaline, however they can be used under weak acidic conditions if the formulation requires it, while the duration of this type of hair coloring is limited to 6-8 shampoos. It depends on the fact that direct dyes are small enough to enter the hair shaft and can easily leave the hair shaft as the hair is washed. The color of the hair is a result of the diffusion of dyes into the hair shaft.

TradenameInci nameCASEINECS
VERACOL ACID BLUE 7Acid Blue 73486-30-4222-476-0
VERACOL ACID BLUE 62Acid Blue 624368-56-3224-460-9
VERACOL ACID GREEN 25Acid Green 254403-90-1224-546-6
VERACOL ACID ORANGE 3Acid Orange 36373-74-6228-921-5
VERACOL ACID RED 52Acid Red 523520-42-1222-529-8
VERACOL ACID VIOLET 43Acid Violet 434430-18-6224-618-7
VERACOL DISPERSE BLACK 9Disperse Black 920721-50-0243-987-5
VERACOL DISPESE BLUE 3Disperse Blue 32475-46-9219-604-2
VERACOL DISPESE BLUE 7Disperse Blue 73179-90-6221-666-0
VERACOL DISPERSE ORANGE 3Disperse Orange 3730-40-5211-984-8
VERACOL DISPERSE VIOLET 1Disperse Violet 1128-95-0204-922-6
VERACOL DISPERSE VIOLET 4Disperse Violet 41220-94-6214-944-8
VERACOL HC BLUE 2HC Blue No.233229-34-4251-410-3
VERACOL HC ORANGE 1HC Orange No.154381-08-7259-132-4
VERACOL HC RED 1HC Red No.12784-89-6220-494-3
VERACOL HC RED 3HC Red No. 32871-01-4220-701-7
VERACOL HC YELLOW 2HC Yellow No.24926-55-0225-555-8
VERACOL HC YELLOW 4HC Yellow No.459820-43-8258-002-4
VERACOL HC YELLOW 5HC Yellow No.556932-44-6260-450-0
VERACOL 3NN,N-Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)-2-nitro-p-phenylenediamine84041-77-0281-856-4
VERACOL 4EN3 Nitro-4-[(2Hydroxyethyl) amino]-Phenol65235-31-6265-648-0
VERACOL 4PN4-Hydroxypropylamino-3-nitro-phenol92952-81-3n.a.